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The NEW Dyson DC59 Animal Stick Vacuum


We scored on some useful spring cleaning tools from Best Buy. The all NEW Dyson DC59 Animal bagless stick vacuum is our new go-to tool for all the cleaning up in our home. With its compact and powerful cordless design, the Dyson DC59 packs a punch in its 3.4lbs (4.65lbs with stick and brush) size making it easy to use from room to room, house to car, and from surface to surface. Its the all-in-one vacuum, broom, dustpan, brush and more!

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So Easy The Kids Can Use The Dyson DC59!

We have an older Dyson handheld and used it daily. It was great for picking up those little messes from kids or even better for sucking up those little piles swept up after activities or a meal. Living in Southern California, it is important that we keep our floors clean with all the dust. Our home is more than half full of darker hardwood floors so the dust and white dog hair shows ever so easy. But cleaning it up without the broom is ever so simple now!

The Brush Bar has been redesigned for carpet and floor cleaning and also:

  • Wider (approx. 10” vs. 8” on the DC44)
  • Improved maneuverability due to smaller ball at the back
  • Self-tightening mechanism keeps the brush bar stable
  • New configuration of carbon fiber filaments and nylon bristle tips to remove fine dust and dirt across all floor types
  • Extended neck for greater ease of use
  • Easy Cleanout of brush head



What makes the Dyson DC59 Animal vacuum awesome is the powered stick attachment and motorized brush heads, one for the floor and one for other smaller surfaces such as furniture or other delicate surfaces. The DC59 has a real electrical connection to really power the brush head instead of using its own air to turn the brushes.

This allows power to be applied to just sucking and not using air to power the brushes. The brushes can be used with or with the stick and non-power tools can be used with the stick.

7The mounting unit is great for the Dyson DC59. It holds and charges the vacuum which is nice, but what are even better are the slots to hold the extra attachments. Being we use this for many functions it is good to have the tools right there with the vacuum.

I also mounted it high enough for easy reach and recharge and also access. The stick can be used as an attachment for any tool, but has a power plug for motorized accessories.


I think what I have to say sets this handheld vacuum apart from the rest and will set it apart for some time is the power and package size. Dyson has re-engineered the nickel manganese cobalt battery that has 1.5 times more power than its predecessor creating 21.6Vs of stable and lasting power.

This is all delivered through the 15 cyclones dually setup which increase airflow to capture fine dusts and all the other stuff that sits in the air and on surfaces. The new V6 motor has 50% more power than the previous V2 allowing it to perform like an upright. With 110,000 RPMS the DC59 creates some powerful suction making clean up easy and quick!

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The Dyson DC59 Animal Can Get Those Hard To Reach Areas!

I like how the Dyson handhelds are setup with the trigger type of power system. I am not wasting power when I am not using it. I can do an area here and one there, and as soon as I let off the trigger to move it the vacuum shuts off instantly saving power.

This helps to give 20 minutes of cleaning time which is plenty for the floors and any other surfaces that it can be used on. And to make tasks even easier, Boost Mode provides 6 minutes of high-powered suction which compared is 100 airwatts in Boost vs. 28 airwatts at standard mode.


Dyson’s are also built to last. We have a handheld and upright we have used for many years now, all still working great. Not as clean, but to be honest having a powerful vacuum is important for keeping the air clean. You would be amazed what can come out of carpets that look perfectly clean.

Plus for those falls and tumbles Dyson’s are constructed from ABS and polycarbonate which is the same materials used in riot shields and crash helmets making these products durable for our everyday life.

8Emptying is simple with its one touch button opener and bagless setup. With all the allergens, dust, dirt, and dander, emptying is super easy and you will be happy to realize how much stuff is really in the air and on the floors. Check out this dust test I did with a Dyson uptight, so much dust and allergens! The DC59 stuck to the task too!

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3The Dyson DC59 Animal is great for all around the house use, especially daily to keep the air even cleaner. With allergies and plenty or dust around and the fact we like to open the doors for fresh air, oh and can’t forget the 3 kids, keeping the floors clean is a daily chore!

You can find the Dyson DC59 Animal at Best Buy today!




The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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  1. rebecca norton on February 25, 2014 at 11:11 am

    where does the cord wrap?