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Talking About Love & Dunkin’ Donuts #DunkinMugUp

dunkin mug febIt’s February which is the month of love. With Valentine’s Day coming up and my birthday at the end of the month I’m feeling the love all month long! What is wonderful about Valentine’s Day is that it’s another reason to look around with gratitude at the people and things in your life which mean the most.

I heard from friends every year how they don’t give or receive gifts from their husbands for Valentine’s Day. I know on holidays we are tempted to spend a lot of money but something simple things truly mean the most. Valentines Day is about showing love and affection and respect for the loving people in your life. So just in time for Valentine’s Day I’m sharing a few simple ways to show more gratitude.

5 Ways To Show More Gratitude This Valentine’s Day:

  1. Say Thank You – Make saying please and thank you a priority especially when your spouse does something thoughtful for you.
  2. Compliments –  Taking the time to notice the small things really shows how much you care. Go out o your way to share compliments to one another it really will make you feel closer and help boost your mood!
  3. Make Time – Make time to do thing together or to do nice things for one another. Plan a getaway, or just a date, going out of your way to connect will help strengthen your relationship.
  4. Smile Often – Not only does smiling help your mood but it shows others that you are happy.
  5. Say I Love You – Be sure to go out of your way to say I love you. Before bed, in the morning, it’s such a simple gesture that shows gratitude.

An easy way to share the love is to gift someone one of their favorite things. For my husband and I both that means coffee. Simple coffee mugs with expressions, chocolate and food are an easy gift to give this Valentine’s Day. A simple gesture of love can go a long way!

dunkin feb love mug

This month there’s another new theme with The Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up Contest, and this month it’s all about love!   It’s simple to enter too just upload your photo of you and your coffee mug according to a new theme each month with #DunkinMugUp.

I hope by now you’re feeling the love. Show Dunkin’ Donuts your love for coffee by uploading a photo of you and the mug that you love here for a chance to win prizes in the Mug Up Contest.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts . The opinions and text are all mine.