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Ready To Tackle Those Spring Time Grass Stains?

This post brought to you by White Cloud. All opinions are 100% mine.

For us spring time is here. The weather has been over 70 degrees and the kids want to play outside. To be honest it is a nice change going from a majority of days of rain, cold and gloomy skies to a majority of days this year being those that will let my girls play in the sun!

But along with playing outside more, comes more cleaning of them and their used clothes. From deep grass to soiled dirt stains, keeping my kids clothes clean is super important to keep on top of.

 photo 52d1e81d-e18c-455b-a24b-fe98b1d73b15_zps31e6f2af.jpg

It’s always super important to tackle tough grass stains, food stains or those “I don’t even know what that is” stains, and with kids always seeming to find ways to try and ruin their clothes I combat it with stain removing power like that found in the 3-in-1 Micro Clean Technology from White Cloud Laundry Care. The 3-in-1 Micro Clean Technology has a pre-treater, stain remover and color booster all in one to take care of those stubborn stains that I plan to see many of over the next year.

”The Dirtier the Clothes, The Bigger the Memory” is the White Cloud campaign that is here to help people realize that clothes are NOT going to be ruined just because a few stains got on them. Check it out for yourself by cleaning those stained jeans next time with White Cloud Laundry Care all while SAVING MONEY!

White Cloud Laundry Care is available in three scents which include Blooming Lavender, Summer Breeze, and Tropical Fiesta along in both a 100 and 150-ounce sizes in liquid and a 156-ounce box in powder. White Cloud is already well known for Bath Tissue, Facial Tissue and Paper Towels and wants to share a special savings with us now. Find your local store with this useful Store Locator.

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