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Our New Family Member – Meet Bruno

brunoWe first met our beastly baby boy at 5 weeks old and we were so excited when yesterday he got to come home! Finally old enough to leave his mom he’s joined our family as an adorable new member.

bruno collarHis first night went as expected, up at night, playing, going potty. Finally he settled in and got a full nights sleep with just one accident. Our little (or should I say big) Bruno is already so smart. He waits for you to walk inside and then he comes. He is already learning to come and is well mannered. He’s cuddly and fluffy, and the girls just love him. Even Marley seems to be enjoying his presence.

bruno 8 weeks oldMy husband and I both said many years ago that we wanted a big dog and that when the time was right we would get one. It feels like he was meant to be here with us and we already love him so much!

Welcome Bruno, our beastly baby boy!!!

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  1. Brutus Duffy on February 26, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Oh My Goodnes!!! He’s so handsomes! Congrtas!