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Golden Grain Pot-Sized Pasta – Show Us Your Shortcut Contest

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Pot-Sized Spaghetti is our favorite kitchen shortcut. It’s cut in half so there’s no breaking needed and no mess. Another one of my favorite simple ideas is to keep a jar off garlic around. You can make fresh garlic bread, spice up your vegetables, or even add it to pasta and your chicken at dinner. It’s so versatile and easy and there’s no chopping or mess involved. It’s a simplee way to add flavor to any dish and one of my favorite kitchen shortcuts!

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Golden Grain Pasta is looking for  looking for the most amazing, changes-things-forever simple kitchen trick or life hack. Maybe you have dedicated pizza scissors? Or you freeze fresh herbs and olive oil in ice cube trays? Share it with us. Then mobilize your army of time-savin’, multi-taskin’, shortcut-lovin’ friends to vote for your idea. Get the most votes and win the grand prize of $500!

But wait, there’s more – if you don’t submit an idea, you can still win. Simply vote-up to once per day-on your favorite shortcut from the ones we’ve collected, and you are entered to win one of six weekly drawings for $100.

Show Us Your Shortcut Today!

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