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A Preschoolers Real Online Learning Activity Program – EmbarK12 Online

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of K12, the leader in online education for grades K-12. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Brooklin has grown up so much in this last year. She is so inquisitive and eager to learn how to read and write and she is super excited to be starting school next year at the big kid’s school. No more pre-school by herself, she will be able to ride home with her big sister starting after this summer.

It is super important for us to get her the early education we can. From exposing her to the real world through learning and physical travel, she is getting ready to begin to teach herself and learn for herself. We like to keep her active in learning and with all the technology around its only natural that she be drawn to the computer. She is a big girl and she is very smart and can do anything we can do of course.

EmbarK¹² Online Learning Pre-K Kindergarten game

EmbarK¹² Online is a great way to let Brooklin play age-appropriate on the computer using interactive multimedia while also learning and preparing for her next year in Kindergarten.

EmbarK12 Online Learning For Kids Includes Over 830 interactive activities

EmbarK12 Online – Over 830 interactive activities to engage your preschooler. Brooklin loves numbers and letters and with so many multimedia interactive activities she can keep herself busy learning while having fun and becoming even more computer savvy. She loves to learn, play on computers, and read so its works out perfect!

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EmbarK¹² Online was developed by educational experts and has been designed as a supplement for Pre-K education that makes learning fun, dynamic, and enriching and is designed to be self-guided to allow for independent learning among children ages 3-6. EmbarK¹² Online is here to prepare our little Brooklin for by helping her hone her skills in mathematical reasoning, early literacy, scientific observation, investigative skills, and much more through a stimulating engagement. Brooklin has fun follow the steps and directions but also has the freedom to explore and learn as she wants and it complements her part-time Pre-K school curriculum.

EmbarK¹² Online Learning Pre-K Kindergarten interaction

Brooklin has had fun following the on screen prompts learning to write letters. She also just likes to play for fun and watch stories. With so many activities there is so much for her to do. With 12 units of activities, each with related content and activities, she can cover Math, Language and Literacy, and many other topics like “Travel and Explore,” “Our World,” and “Story Time.” And what little kid doesn’t love music, songs, videos, and other kid-friendly activities that keep them engaged.

EmbarK¹² Online Learning order by size game

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The K¹² program is offered through K¹² partner public schools in more than 17 states including the District of Columbia, and also in private schools in all 50 states and in more than 110 countries. More information can be found at http://www.K12.com.

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