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Zubie – Our Car Pal

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

0 Zubie is one of the newest and really cool tech gadgets for the car for this 2014 New Year. With its vast features of GPS real-time tracking, engine and battery monitor, plus its other features,  all traceable through your Smartphone, Zubie is the easiest-to-use a tool for really keeping an eye on your car. The Zubie is more than an accessory it is a service at your fingertips!

We had a chance to put our little Zubie pal to the test. It is a nifty device for different reasons and is great for different users and the many different driving needs of people. We have been using ours to keep an eye on our driving habits and trips and its been nice to see our wasteful idle times.

Being a mechanic I keep our car running in top condition. I have always kept up on maintenance and repairs so our car’s engine and battery systems both are in perfect operating condition which Zubie verified for me. By keeping an eye on these systems I save money and time which no one likes to be left stranded. Zubie can even tell them exactly where you’re at, or provide you with a map tracking your trip which can be sent easily through email or text to AAA.

What is also great for say helping my wife figure out where she is if she got lost or having people meet at a specific location is easy through Zubie by displaying a real map. It can track individual trips, from when you turn the key on and drive then turn it off. During this time your trip is tracked real time on a map displayable via Smartphone. This is a nice feature. Zubie App

Also displayed are top speed, hard brakes, rapid accelerations, & idle time. Idle is not good for cars because it puts a lot of real wear and tear, let’s just say gravity does more at idle and low RPMS then spinning freely. I have become more aware of idle time driving which is good for cutting pollution output along with saving gas which is important for living in Southern California.

For those who have a lot of drivers, such as parents with teen drivers, Zubie is great to keep an eye on where the car is, how their driving and where they are going. This is a real peace of mind for a simple price. Plus install is as easy as finding the OBD-2 port (1996 vehicles and newer) and plugging it in and activating the Zubie app. Follow the instructions and its simple!


Zubie is great to keep those kids OFF their phones and focused on their trip. Instead of those “where r u” texts, they can share their trip monitors with friends! Multiple Zubies can be monitored from an app.

Right now is a great time to check out the new Zubie! Go and order today with code SAVE20JANand SAVE 20% now on one year of Zubie always-connected car service and get a free Zubie Key (Offer good 2/28/2014. Shipping charges apply.) This is a great way to use those Best Buy or Amazon holiday gift cards!

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