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Valentine Craft – Easy Puffy Valentine Wand Tutorial



Let’s check out how to make one. Here’s the cast of characters (what you’ll need).


I’ve never been an “exact measurement” type of gal, but I tried. Just roll with it. 1/2 yard of 54″ wide tulle, cut into strips that are appx 10″(ish) wide and 1 yard (ish) long. I used two different colors to create a multi-colored wand, but you can use just one color if you like 7 pieces of 1/8″ wide ribbon, cut into 12″ long pieces. Again, I used two different colors, but you can do whatever you want 2 cardboard “donuts,” about 5″ in diameter each.


Basically, you cut 2 circles that are 5″ in diameter, and then cut a hole in the middle that’s about 1 & 1/2″ wide a wand stick or 1/4″ wide, 12″ long wooden dowel some heavy duty industrial strength glue that dries clear. Nothing beats E-6000 If you’re using a wooden dowel, it’s always best to paint it a pretty, coordinating color.

stickIf you REALLY want to go the extra mile, once the paint is dry, spray the dowel with some spray adhesive and sprinkle GLITTER all over it. Then have fun cleaning up the glitter. If you can get your hands on a strong plastic “wand stick,” it’s much less likely to break during play time.

Now, let’s get started making our poof. Start by grabbing your 2 cardboard donuts and ONE of the pieces of ribbon. Place the piece of ribbon IN BETWEEN the 2 donuts, looping around the hole, as pictured over on the right. MAKE SURE THE RIBBON LOOPS AROUND THE TOP OF THE HOLE AND THE ENDS DROP DOWN TO THE BOTTOM.


Take your first piece of tulle and start wrapping. You’ll bring the end of the piece of tulle through the center hole of the cardboard donut, pull it through, wrap it around and bring it back through the hole. Wash, lather & repeat. Ok, just repeat until you get a nice thickness. If you’re making a bi-colored wand like mine, wrap the tulle in segments, leaving room to wrap the other color. Check out the 2nd picture over on the right to see what I’m talking about. When you get to the end of a strip of tulle, just leave the end sticking out (we’ll trim the tulle later so it’s a nice, round ball) and grab another piece of tulle to start wrapping with it.


VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that your ribbon does NOT get wrapped up into your tulle or lost in your cardboard donut. If you don’t keep the two pieces of ribbon hanging down from the bottom, you will HATE YOURSELF. Seriously, you won’t be able to make the poof. This is so, so important. The ribbon should always loop around the top of the cardboard donut’s hole and the two ends should always be kept together at the bottom as you’re wrapping.

Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? Just keep wrapping, just keep wrapping…wrap your tulle until the whole donut is covered.

Your tulle should end up being close to an inch thick in tulle once you’re done. And the 2 ends of your ribbon should be sticking out of the bottom. “Done wrapping” looks like the 3rd picture on the right.


Now that your cardboard donut is completely wrapped, it’s time to start cutting. Slip your scissors BETWEEN the 2 pieces of your cardboard donut, and cut the tulle all around the circle. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOUR RIBBON PIECES!!! For a better idea of how to cut, see Picture 4.


Once you’re done cutting, grab your 2 pieces of ribbon and tie them as TIGHTLY as you can into a knot. Double knot & then trim the ribbon close to the knot. The end result should look like a poofy tulle ball. Take your remaining pieces of ribbon and tie them to your wand stick as shown. Knot & double knot.


Find the middle of your tulle poof and insert the end of the wand stick that has the ribbon tied closest to the end. Stick that sucker right straight through the middle of the poof. Part the tulle where the top of the wand stick is and apply a pretty generous amount of glue. Then part the tulle where the rest of the stick comes out of the bottom of the tulle poof and again apply a pretty generous amount of glue. Let dry for about an hour. glue

Once the glue is dry, trim the pieces of tulle that are longer to make a nice round ball. YAY! You’re done!


  1. Richard Hicks on January 26, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Want to show this to the kids. They would love making these wands!

  2. Sarah L on January 26, 2014 at 1:26 am

    And of course you can change up the colors for different occasions: St Pat’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, xmas….

  3. saminder gumer on January 21, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    looks like a great craft for the kids, but i do not think it would be our cup of tea. i love that it is simple and does not require that many supplies either.

  4. rebecca norton on January 21, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    those look really cute