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Staying Safe Online Through The New Year

With the ever increasing problems of cyber security it is becoming even more a reason to be safe online. It is important to protect your data and what you are browsing for and shopping for.

Using a service like Hotspot Shield VPN, allows the user to protect themselves from people trying to gain their information. Anything from your saved files online to your passwords and other vital information, hackers and data thieves are getting ever better at stealing information.

Not always is it easy to get the best coverage from your cell provider and when you want to send data, relying on a local hotspot or free Wi-Fi is sometimes the only way to get the bandwidth you need.

Living here in Southern California now we like to visit the different amusement parks. We are pass holders to Disnleyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Legoland and sometimes we don’t always have coverage like we want in the parks. And on those days when we want to share pictures or say have some work to do, a strong internet connection is what we need.

So when we do rely on a free Wi-Fi we are possibly exposing our personal data on our iPhone to any potential hacker looking to see personal info. Being recent victims of the Target data theft, its important we protect our personal data and not leave real information about to be picked up.

Hotspot Shield protects us when we use a free Wi-Fi by creating a protecting barrier between us and the Wi-Fi spot. This keeps people out of our data and our data from being stored by others.

Also be safe and protect your computer when on the go with Hotspot Shield. This free VPN will also protect our daughters pirvacy from anything you may be lured to click on or from other vulnerabilities.

You can download Hotspot Shield today to get started.

I am a compensated brand ambassador for Hotspot Shield all opinions are my own.