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Protecting You Smartphone Data & Security During Holiday Travel

With the holiday travel season upon us, it is important to make sure you are protected when relying on free Wi-Fi in that airport or other place of waiting. Many millions of people will be flying and passing through the busy airports and will find themselves waiting for a couple of hours to many with spotting to no internet signal hopefully able to find free Wi-Fi.

A Pew Research Poll on recent cell phone users indicated that over 90% of adults own a cell phone with a majority of those being a smartphone owner. In the same survey, researchers also found that about 56% of US adults are Smartphone owners and users meaning that many 10s of millions of people use the internet from their pockets. Many of these people don’t just rely on the internet for entertainment but many use it for work.

With so many people owning smartphones it is important that people consider that when using Wi-Fi hotspots they could be putting themselves at a potential risk of security compromise. Using a virtual private network blocks any potential data thieves from mining public data on a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Hotspot shield can help is those situations such as airports to provide that added level of protection to all internet browsing.  By protecting your privacy and securing your data, Hotspot shield can be the barrier between compromise and safety.

Check it out and make sure your protecting your network and browsing privacy. Hotspot Shield is the most trusted VPN with more than 150 million downloads.

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I am a compensated brand ambassador for Hotspot Shield all opinions are my own.