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Talking Bedtime with Tend and Tylenol #TendMomTalk

mia 2 months old
Bedtime holds that special place in my heart. It’s those last cuddly moments of the day where we have a little fun as a family before heading off to bed. While bedtime may not always go according to plan it’s nice to know what works for other moms.

I recently partnered with Tend and Tylenol to talk all about bedtime at our house. I was joined by fellow bloggers and Tend.com editor Lauren for this video series.


#TendMomTalk: Bedtime with Baby Video

It’s really true, looking back my fondest memories are spending time with my children. Whether it be sick nights, cuddly nights or dance party nights it’s those moments with each of my girls that mean so much to me.


What is bedtime like at your house? What tips would you give a new mom about bedtime with baby? 


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  1. Janet W. on November 18, 2013 at 4:26 am

    One tip is to stick to a routine! Then they won’t fight bed time because they will know it’s coming and it’s time.