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Surfing Safe While Using Wi-Fi Hotspots

With the traveling I have to do from time to time and the many trips with the kids we take, it is always important we have a internet connection. Sometimes my phone doesn’t reach all the way out in remote parts of the country or I need to access more data than my phone rate can download so finding a Wi-Fi hotspot is super important for many reasons.

When connecting to publically accessible Wi-Fi hotspots it is important to make sure your connection is safe and reliable. Sometimes when you open up the Wi-Fi connections to find a hotspot you can see a huge list of possible hotspots connection with some being private and some being public. Making sure you choose a safe and trustful site is important, but not always the easiest decision to make.

Using a service like hotspot Shield makes it close to impossible to have your data and device or computer hijacked or broken into by a data hacker or snooper taking advantage of a innocent victim. Hotspot Shield creates a secure HTTPS encrypted web session for data, online shopping, and personal info. It’s important to protect you privacy and access to your personal information.


You can download Hotspot Shield today to get started. 


I am a compensated brand ambassador for Hotspot Shield all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Tammy S on November 24, 2013 at 8:53 am

    My husband travels a lot and I know he is always connecting to Hotspots. I don’t know if he has software to protect him while doing it. This sounds like something he really needs. I will have to check into it. Maybe Santa could bring it for him. 🙂