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November Is National Family Caregiver Month!

It is always great to honor those who have done so much for us and others. With so many awareness programs going on there is one that many people may not have heard of and that is National Family Caregiver Month. With so many of us having our elders needing us now to provide care and help back to them, this is something that has a lot of value to so many!


November is National Family Caregiver Month and with the help of ThanksProject.org people can share their experiences and appreciation for those taking care of thier elderly loved ones, family and friends! Roughly 42 million people and many being women between 40 – 60 years old are facing the tasks of providing the majority of care to older family and friends every day. This can take a huge toll on the caregiver’s health and wellbeing without them realizing the they need to share their experiences for their own good and realize there is help out there.


With my great grandmother getting older, we as a whole family figured out ways to all do our part to provide her with comfortable last days. It was important to let her see all those that she created and loved her, while also not putting the entire burden on single family members.


Eventually as she needed more help than we could provide we found her the care that she really needed but we also made sure to stay in her life and be there till the very end. I was happy to see my grandmothers and grand aunts work to provide her with a studio apartment on my mother’s home. When it came time for more long-term care we found a great place with great caretakers and ti was down the road for her grand children and daughters. We were able to visit all the time but she got what she needed that my mother could not manage herself. Check out the AARP’s Caregiver Assistance page with tools and tips for those providing caregiver help and assistance.

I know so many have their own stories and experiences so join us and millions of others on ThanksProject.org and share your story! Interact online with AARP’s National Family Caregiving Month Pinterest Board because the more people realize we are all in the same boat the more we can realize it’s important to be there for those who were there for us! And if you’re are on twitter check out the #ThanksProject & #CareSupport hashtags and connect with others online!

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This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. But all experiences and content is my own.


  1. mrsshukra on November 17, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    This is relevant to us now caring for a parent.

  2. Janet W. on November 16, 2013 at 4:34 am

    It’s reassuring to know that help is out there. I was a care taker of my mother for many years until she passed.

  3. Tammy S on November 14, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    I really need to share this with my sister. Our mother has moved in with her. The rest of us kids try to help as much as we can. But the bulk of it falls on my sister. Thanks for the great info.