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Kulcar – Solar Powered Car Ventilator – Great For Pets!

Kulcar box

The Kulcar Solar Panel Powered Car Ventilator is a compact device that is simple to install and use and will keep your vehicle or other inner areas ventilated with no wires or batteries, just sunlight.

There has been so many hot summer days that I have dreaded leaving my car windows up and would never dare leave my dog in my car even with the windows cracked. So it was hard to take her places so I would have to leave her at home. Even in Oregon our summers get hot and with a dark car it is not hard for the temps to rise quickly when not moving and all airflow has stopped.

kulcar boxing 2

The Kulcar Ventilator fits into existing cars window securely and safely.  It has a locking type of fastener that can lock down the solar panel while it is in use which is the only moving component besides the internal fans. And pulling it out of the window is simple.

For those pet owners this is a great way to add a fan and air flow while your car is turned off. Even if you crack the windows in your car while you go into a store or someplace, the lack of airflow makes the area increase in temperature the reason why people pull out the fans when the weather gets hot.

Kulcar Install

And being solar powered it’s easy to let it work without any extra electrical installation. Just insert the Kulcar Ventilator and supplied heavy duty yet soft rubber flats to seal it up. Here is a demonstration during a sunny day in fall in Oregon. Anywhere with sun this will work with ease.

Another great use is for storage. Like an RV, or car, this can be installed to provide ventilation without wasting batteries and can help to keep humidity down or just preventing stale warm air which can wear out fabrics and other materials. Think about pulling off the cover on the boat after a season. Or eEver had an old car in storage or RV? They can become old smelling by the lack of airflow. Anything that could use solar powered airflow could use the Kulcar. This could make that great gift for those pet parents!

Check out the Kulcar Ventilator at Neweg – http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0FB-00N8-00001


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  1. Tammy S on November 23, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    This is such a great idea! I love how simple it is yet effective. I think this would be great for even short trips like to the vet. I just hate leaving my pets in the car even to run into the grocery store.