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Protecting Our Daughter While Online Gaming

Hotspot Shield kidKids safety online is important. We recently learned a new lesson while letting our 8 year old play online. She has a few games she likes to play online, which is understandable since I was there at one time and many others.

It’s fun to be immersed into a fantasy world where you can roam and design and say what you want. It’s great to be able to be free and have the freedom to do so much. But at the same times come the freedom of others and not everyone is thinking the nicest things.

We recently were sent a notification of a warning we got from one of Kaila’s online games. It came from the safety team and was an alert of online action presented by someone in a conversation with our daughter. They were banned but were curious of what was said so we asked for a log.

It was nothing too bad, but it was deleted before Kaila saw it because there was a level of security which is not always there. This is a reason why it’s important to make sure kids are being monitored and supervised of their actions online. I actually like the games that give kids a focus and objectives, but many games online combine too much chat. And Kaila plays a couple of free games so I am sure the screening criteria of users are not the best.

But it was nice to know they had a chat filter and caught something instead of just letting slip by. The funny thing is the swear word was spelt wrong; let’s just say its “hole” not “whole.”

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