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Online Safety While Traveling

I recently traveled to New York for a video shoot and then went to Ohio for another press trip. While doing all of that traveling I went through 6 airports and stayed at 2 different hotels. While traveling I brought my laptop with me so I could work along the way. I connected to in flight wi-fi, hotel wi-fi and even the airport wi-fi. All too often when we travel we don’t protect ourselves and on large open networks such as airports you should be protecting your computer.online safety traveling in new york buildings

That’s why a service like Hotspot Shield is great for the traveler. Hotspot Shield is a virtual private network (VPN) is an internet security solution which helps to protect my computer’s privacy by securing it for privacy online and private browsing. Having it installed on her computer also works to protect my internet activity when I’m on a large open network. Hotspot Shield is also there for securing web sessions and data which is important for protecting personal information online by using HTTPS encryption. This is important for web browsing on open networks, like airports.   It’s just another way that I protect myself while traveling.

What are some ways you prepare for traveling? Is your computer secure?

You can download Hotspot Shield today to get started.


I am a compensated brand ambassador for Hotspot Shield all opinions are my own.