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Celebrating Holiday Traditions – Smucker’s #HolidayTips Event

smuckers #holidaytips event

I recently attended an all-expenses paid meeting at The J. M. Smucker Company. 

In our home it’s never too early to start celebrating the holidays. In fact, I spent the day at Smucker’s Headquarters getting better acquainted with a brand I’ve known for most of my life.

My earliest memories of Smucker’s is sitting in the sunshine outside with my sister enjoying lunch. I can still smell the pine trees and sweet summer air as we enjoyed many lunches outside. It’s those simple memories of grape jelly sandwiches during those warm summer months that inspires me to make traditions and memories with my own family.

smuckers holidaytips event

I spent the day getting to know the Smucker’s family of products including some of my personal favorites, Folgers and Dunkin Donuts. I quickly discovered that they take pride in every bean and every cup of coffee they brew. It’s that same quality standard you will see across all of the Smucker’s brands!

We got to experience a cupping and discovered the rigorous standards and processes it takes to brew each and every cup of coffee.

smuckers #holidaytips

I also got to spend some time today learning easy make ahead meals and some kitchen tips that I plan to put to use right away in my own kitchen. I even got to do a little cooking in the kitchens! I have to say the beef and blue cheese crostini I created was quite the flavorful treat.  I’m planning on serving it during my own holiday celebrations this year with my family.

smuckers kristin #holidaytips

We spent the afternoon having a proper Thanksgiving feast and then got to hear from Nancy, the editor for Better Homes and Gardens Food. As a mom who believes that food should be healthy, flavorful and most of all look well presented it was such a treat to hear from an expert like Nancy.

There’s so many easy ways to create fresh meals and I really do enjoy spending time in my kitchen. It was so nice to hear from such a well respected figure and I left knowing that I’m on the right path in the kitchen.

smuckers #holidaytips

Tomorrow I get to spend the day exploring and learning here at Smucker’s and I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to share some delicious and flavorful recipes, easy kitchen tips and more in the coming week! Be sure to stay connected with Smucker’s on Twitter and Facebook!


What are some of your holiday traditions?



  1. Shar on October 4, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Our family loves Smuckers. One of our family traditions is using Smuckers Strawberry jam on our Eggo waffles…then add cool whip, nuts and syrup. Deliciousness!

  2. mrsshukra on October 3, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Grew up with Smuckers! What a classic! Great pics!

  3. Amanda A on October 2, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    aww those grape sandwiches were yummy. Outside was the best! So happy you get to experience the amazing Smucker family and learn more about behind this brand!