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4 Incredible Autumn Getaway Spots in Europe

As the summer ends and we’re headed towards the winter, many people in the UK are looking to get more sun before the winter arrives. There are quite a number places in Europe where you can still get some more sunshine before winter without breaking the bank. And it doesn’t matter if these destinations are popular in the summer. The good thing is now the crowds have thinned out and you can go and have fun without having to push against people or pay exorbitant fees to enjoy your holiday.

Sardinia in Italy

Sardinia is one of Europe’s secrets. This place while popular in the summer isn’t quite as popular in the autumn. Yet the temperature here is about 28 degrees Celsius every day until the winter sets in. the best time to go for your late holidays here in between September and December. During these months, some festivals are held in Sardinia. Tourists are usually welcome to join the festivals and partake in the activities. Of special interest is Barbagia. This quaint community offers great hospitality while the now nearly beaches offer a place of solitude where you can soak up some sun.

Andalucía in Spain

At a steady 32 degrees Celsius, this place offers so much during the autumn. Tourists who visit will thoroughly enjoy the now quiet beaches, the beautiful and spectacular Sierra de Aracena National Park, and the beauty of the island in its entirety. Andalucía is also home to a 700yr old church and many other parks. You holiday here will be well worth it.


While this lovely country might be going through a bit of a rough patch, its tourism sector is still alive and interested in showing visitors the beauty of this unassuming country. Autumn in Cyprus is extremely beautiful. The temperatures are warm, the waters turquoise, and the beaches are quiet. Places to see in Cyprus include Coral Bay and many other interesting places that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Summer in Croatia can be incredibly busy, thanks to the sheer number of tourists who go visiting every year. But, the real beauty of Croatia isn’t obvious until the autumn. Croatia’s Dubrovnik is gaining global popularity particularly in the autumn because of its serene peaceful atmosphere and beauty. You can go swim in its emerald waters, enjoy great food and accommodation at rates that are affordable and modest. Dubrovnik is somewhere you need to go to at least once in life. Other places to check out here include Lopud Island –you’ll need to take a ferry to get here. Known as the most pristine and beautiful Island in Dubrovnik, Junj is every holiday maker’s dream come true.

That’s it. Some of the best autumn getaway spots in Europe. If you want some more, you should check out Ile de Rey in France, Rhodes in Greece, Kas in Turkey, St. Tropez in France, Lazarote in the Canary Islands and Provence.


  1. Janet W. on January 8, 2014 at 4:25 am

    I have never been to Europe and would love to do so. It’s just so expensive and we’ve never been able to afford it. These spots sound amazing!

  2. judy gardner on October 30, 2013 at 10:25 am

    while all of these places sound wonderful, and i have to admit that i am not familiar with any of them, i think Cypress sounds the best. i love any place that has turquoise waters!