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Time For Your Own Domain & Website Hosting

When I switched over from BlogSpot.com almost 5 years ago it was a move that I made on my own choice. While it was nice to have the BlogSpot platform because it was easy and I could blog, I wanted to always have my own dot com. It wasn’t fun typing in my website name along with .blogspot.com. I wanted OurOrdinarylife.com, not OurOrdinaryLife.BlogSpot.com.

So when it was time to switch, my husband started to look for hosts and I had a friend mention one, but both of us ended DreamHost.com. We both heard good things and looking over their plans and services, they seemed like a quality host.

We started out with a year of web hosting which includes a free domain. I had wanted to use WordPress and we had bought some themes to use. It was simple after signup, we had purchased our domain though another company but it was super easy to transfer it to work with DreamHost. We have since also switched our domain over to DreamHost for that peace of mind.

The WordPress one-click install was super easy to get WordPress up and running and after that we were able to log in and install our new theme. Plus with unlimited bandwidth and storage, you will be good for a long time.

We are obviously much past the point of running simple website. We have dedicated hosting to run any content we need. We did great with a virtual server, but after running some heavy video feeds, we decided it was time to upgrade which took a click and a few hours of waiting and that was it!

Whenever we have had an issue we have had very prompt service and replies which has made any issues easy on us. Things do happen, and it’s important to have a responsive and smart tech team. DreamHost is also there for other bigger server and Cloud needs.

So if you’re in the market for hosting check out DreamHost for your hosting needs. It’s easy quick and affordable. Be smart when buying hosting because if it works out long-term, you will be happy that you have a good host. But if problems happen and continue, it may be time to switch.

Sign up through this link or use this coupon code LIFE20OFF when signing up for $20 off a year of hosting (plus 1 free domain).


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  2. mrsshukra on September 2, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Been planning this for a while now but did not know where to begin so thank you for telling us about DreamHost!

    • Kristin on September 4, 2013 at 3:30 pm

      Your welcome, really easy. Use my coupon code and let me know how it goes! 🙂