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Fun Vacation and Holiday Destinations in Europe for 2013

Are you thinking of going on vacation this year? Are you looking for the best places in Europe to vacationing? Whether your intention is to just go have fun or recharge, relax and rest, Europe has many holiday destinations suited to one or more of those things at every point in time. The dilemma for most tourists however lies in choosing or settling on one or more of these locations. So, to help make the choices easier, we have selected those European countries with the best cities. These destinations offer a wide variety of options from which you can choose.


Madrid and Barcelona in Spain

Boasting of tourists in excess of 10 million annually, Madrid and Barcelona are two of Europe’s most popular cities. If shopping, beautiful sights, exquisite beaches, bustling, unforgettable nightlife and a wide array of daytime activities appeal to you, then you really need to visit these two cities. And at night, Madrid and Barcelona come alive with hundreds of restaurants offering many different cuisines open and available. And there’s a place and something for everyone who visits. And if you still have time, make sure to visit Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Tenerife, La Palma and Catalonia.

Vienna in Austria

Most skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts are familiar with Austria because of its abundant skiing resorts. However, this is not the only thing Austria is well known for. According to Travel Adviser, over 2 million tourists visit the country annually. And of these, many routinely visit the historic and beautiful museums in Vienna. Known as one of the richest hubs for art, music (classical music in particular) and film festivals in Europe, Vienna’s wide array of activities alongside its tempting and irresistible cuisines is bound to make you come back for more. While there, be sure to check out some of the many opera concerts.

Istanbul in Turkey

Here’s the thing about turkey: some of its cities look like they have been transported across timelines. As a result, it is not often uncommon to find 3000 year old cities with inhabitants here. But, I digress. The crown jewel of Turkey is Istanbul. The amazing city is perched right on the Aegean coastline and boasts of some of the most spectacular views you’ll see along any of Europe’s shores. The blend of culture, architecture and locals makes it a truly amazing city to visit.

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Known for its less than stellar activities, Amsterdam is a truly beautiful city and one with great openness to tourists and visitors. Tourists can take a ride through many of its waterways, enjoy the laidback and relaxed atmosphere, Amsterdam isn’t as expensive as some other European cities. Quick tip: to save money, be sure to check out one or more of the many Amsterdam holiday rentals available to tourists. And if you have romance in mind, Amsterdam is perfect for a romantic dalliance. It’s also safe, green and real close to many European beaches.

I’m sure many people would include many other destinations (feel free to comment), but these are the ones I’ve personally visited and thoroughly enjoyed my stay in.