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Tips For Making Jewelry At Home

 Eigen Werk

“If I can’t find it and buy it, I’ll just make it myself,” or “Heck, I could make that myself.” This kind of ambition and initiative leads to a creative and fun way to get the jewelry you want. You can keep what you create for yourself, give it as a gift or make money selling it. Sometimes it is more useful one handmade jewelery that a diamond ring or a great jewel. Whatever you decide to do, there are a few helpful tips that you should know.

Don’t count on your kitchen utensils or the contents of your toolbox to effectively act as substitutes for the proper tools of the trade. It is essential that you invest in at least three basic tools: a wire cutter, a crimping tool and a prying tool.

Cutting through even the thinnest wires requires a sharp set of shears. Not all wire cutters are created equal. If you settle for the cheapest model, it will most definitely either be dull or quickly become dull. Invest in a more expensive and effective pair.

A crimping tool is used to manipulate wires and crimp fixtures. For example, in order to attach a metal fastener to a necklace, the fixture must be tightly and securely crimped shut over the necklace end. This attachment must be secure but not crushed. Therefore, a tool for this exact purpose is your best bet. If this is done with a pair of pliers, for example, the necklace and the fastener could easily be ruined.

A prying tool is used to open fasteners and wire closures. With the intricate and small scale on which you must work, no ordinary materials at home will do. This tool is basically a pair of small short blunt prongs which you insert into whatever you need to pry open, such as the wire loop in an earring, and pull the handles apart. This cannot be done effectively with any other equipment.

Without these tools, you will not create jewelry that you or anyone else will find well made, worth owning or worth wearing. Put in the time, invest in the right tools and you will be well on your way to some well-made beautiful jewelry.


  1. mrsshukra on August 26, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I’ll pass along these tips to the teen at home who started beading and jewelry making! Thanks!

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