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Elderly Long-Term Care Insurance vs. A Nursing Home

Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.

With us being a young family, we have our own worries and long term goals to look forward to and achieve. We have the kid’s college tuitions, owning a home outright by retirement, and having some kind of savings nest egg. And of course there is just living life and everything that comes with it, happiness and all its costs.

But that is for us. We also have our elderly family to think about. From parents, to grandparents, aunts & uncles, we are not the only lives that have planning to manage. Del’s family is getting old, but lucky for him they are all healthy. They are able to live in their own homes and retire their days out comfortably, but there will get to a day when long-term care in-home care will become important effect everyone’s lives in some way.

After watching a great grandmother go though the care giving scenario, it is a serious matter. As people are living older, and costs seem to continue to increase, it is ever more important to consider what we will be doing to assist our family as they age, but also our own plans when our children are grown and having to care for us.

There are different things to consider for elderly care and living out those final decades. For us It is important to start to think about long-term care insurance vs. a nursing home. I think there are many benefits to in-home care so looking into a long-term care insurance plan is important to consider.

It is coming time to talk with our elderly family on what they plan to do which is a major step for all of us, especially those with retiring baby boomers.