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Disney Robin Hood – 40th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray

One of my favorite tales growing up was the Disney classic make of Robin Hood. It wasn’t necessarily for the story, even though its a great story and tale, but what I remember about this version of Robin Hood was that it was a Disney animated classic. I have always been a fan of animation, and this was beautifully done.

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Robin Hood, Disney has brought this awesome classic story to Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray of course changes the whole movie experience, with its bright colors and sharp lines. Its always fun to experience these classic tales with my children using their current technology. When Disney releases remakes on Blu-Ray they movies seem new since they are so bright and colorful.

Join Robin Hood and his dear and trusted companion Little John and the hilarious band of Merry Men and they work to save to town of Nottingham from the greedy and mean Prince John. As Robin Hood works his way to the hand and heart of Maid Marian, the action is constant and Disney use of animals to show this story is what made it so great and completely fun for kids.

Phony King Of England – Clip – Robin Hood on Disney Video
I have seen this movie so many times. When I lived overseas as a kid, what I had to watch was limited, but I had some Disney movies and this was one of the most watched out of all my movies. And my kids seem to like it just as much. Brooklin is now trying to learn to whistle like the narrator (country singer Roger Miller)  in the story.

The Disney Robin Hood Blu-Ray 40th anniversary edition includes a Blu-ray copy, along with DVD and Digital Copy (viewable on a TV, computer PC, Apple, iPhone, Android, Tablet & most any device). This is great to watch on the road which we have loaded up for Brooklin and she fell asleep to it a couple of nights camping.

If you have never seen this, check it out, and if you have been wanting to see it again as a grown up be sure to experience it in Blu-Ray.