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Disney Peter Pan Return To Never Land – Blu-Ray Special Edition

Peter Pan is back in the Disney Return To Never Land. In this high flying tail, Pan and your favorite characters take you on a new adventure in Never Land!

In this digitally restored picture with amazing and sharp sound, Peter Pan and his adventures are back ever brighter, bigger, and better.

With Wendy growing up, her daughter Jane is not as easy to believe her mother’s old tales of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Never Land. Jane’s  little brother Danny is a believer, but Jane is a very no-nonsense youth.

Jane soon is convinced when she is suddenly whisked away by Captain Hook to the enchanted island of Never Land. Hook knows that Peter Pan will set out to save his friend but realizes he didn’t catch Wendy.

The action sets out as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and those fun and courageous Lost Boys seek to find and save Jane from Hook and his band of pirates. But first they must convince Jane to believe in faith, trust and pixie dust to be able to help her. Will Peter and the first ever Lost Girl be able to defeat hook and his swashbuckling band of misfits?

The action is high flying and colorfully restored. Check it out on Blu-Ray Special Edition which also includes a DVD + Digital Copy. There is also a DVD + Digital Copy edition available. Find it now in stores!

We were provided with a Blu-Ray edition for review.