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A Look Back at the Recently-Concluded Global Kids Fashion Week

What is the event all about?

Kids are quite hard to dress, especially that you have to consider both style and comfort when getting them prepared for their daily schedule. With the advent of social media, young ones are now very updated with the latest fashion styles and being in the loop about fashion makes them a bit pickier when it comes to their clothing preferences. Today’s parents need to study what clothes they need to buy for their kids in order to avoid conflict. Fortunately, events such as the Global Kids Fashion Week (GKFW) can keep parents in the loop when it comes to what’s hot in children’s clothing, an event specifically designed to showcase the hottest trends in children’s fashion.

Debuting last March, the very first Global Kids Fashion Week was held at the Freemasons’ Hall, Covent Garden in London. The event gathered the world’s top children’s fashion brands and the cutest kids from all over the world showcasing the newest clothes to hit the market the following seasons. Event organizers said that the GKFW is something that is very much needed in the fashion world. They said that dressing young adults is very different when you do it to kids.

“Kids’ fashion is playful, fun and innovative – we all believe it deserves its own dedicated platform. This is why we are so proud to be supporting the very first Global Kids’ Fashion Week. With this event, we aim to put children’s fashion on the map worldwide,” explained Alex Theophanous, founder and CEO of GKFW.

While the fashion show flaunted the best clothes designed for kids, the best head-turners during the event were the mini Indian princesses who graced the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris Couture Fashion final week. They came to the show wearing neon coloured dresses that are ergonomically designed for the kids’ comfort even during the hottest seasons. Expect more fashion styles from the Asian country in the next few years as famous kid fashion brands have now entered the South Asian market. One of which is Marks & Spencer. Last month, the British company launched its first store in New Delhi. This store promotes the Striped Bodysuit and Pure Cotton Dip Dye Dress and targets kids aged one to seven.

If you don’t want to have any more problems on how you would dress your children, always check the GKFW website for more help. With this event, you will not only find the most appropriate kids wear, you will also find great deals.