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Sell Old DVDS, CDS & Games With musicMagpie #musicMagpie

Maybe you’re like me and you have a ton of old movies and dvds just laying around. Between new Blu-rays my kiddos have triple the amount of movies so it’s time to clear out the DVDs and old CDS and make way for all of the newest movies we have collected. Not to mention getting ready to sell my old video games which seem to accumulate as fast as movies do!

musicMagpie is here to help! musicmagpie.com allows you to instantly turn your old DVDs, CDs and Games into cash. It’s really easy to use. Just enter the barcode of the DVD, CD or Game you want to sell into our Valuation Engine and then they will tell you how much it is worth. You then instantly get paid and send in your items. musicmagpie.com is totally FREE to use – and when it comes to sending them your items, that’sFREE too.

Enter a minimum of 10 items up to a maximum of 500 items per Order. But you can create as many orders as you like! With the FREE musicMagpie app you can sell your unwanted DVDs, CDs & Games quickly and easily. Their app turns your smartphone’s camera into a handy barcode scanner so it makes entering barcodes easy! Down the FREE APP!

musicMagpie is the easiest way to clear out the junk that is collecting around your home! It’s free and really easy to use so why not give it a try and turn your recycling and donations into cash!!