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Capturing and Sharing Meaningful Family Vacation Moments

Some of our best family memories have been made while on vacations so whether we go on a weekend getaway or traveling far to spend New Year’s at one of our family’s favorite places.


Be sure you bring your cameras! You can easily get a great video camera at a great price and capture your family’s moments.


The easiest way to capture great family memories is to have fun starting with a family-friendly airline and resort.

I remember the first time Kaila met Sponge Bob or both of us afraid on the Jurassic Park Ride and how tightly we both hugged one another. It’s those simple moments together at family-friendly destinations. I’d also say our family vacations have also strengthened our marriage – it’s all about teamwork.

We always want to teach our children something. From visiting our nation’s national parks to viewing the beauty of nature and marveling at giant trees. I want my children to experience and learn as much as possible in their life so we also make sure that we can teach along the way.

Now that we are a family of five our family vacations are a little closer to home. Work with your budget and plan ahead for meals. Stock up on healthy snacks and take them with you.

As a digital mom I share our family memories in many ways. Print your photos and share them online so you can look back at your memories.

No matter where you go on vacation go together!

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  1. Janet W. on August 1, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Wow, look at all of your wonderful memories you’ve captured so far! Lovely!