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Ben Nevis, with a Difference

Ben Nevis – standing at 1,344m above sea level – is unequivocally huge. In fact, it’s the highest mountain in Scotland and unless you’ve climbed it, you won’t realise just how challenging hiking it really is. Recently though, quite a feat was achieved. It seemed that the 38-strong team involved weren’t satisfied with their stay at the Fort William Travelodge, deciding, instead, to make the arduous climb to the top of the Ben Nevis summit, complete with items of hotel room furniture.

Sound doable? When you think of just how heavy a Dreamer bed, armchair and artificial walls are, perhaps you’ll think again. Of course, carrying these things up a mountain – between 38 of you – is achievable but there’s no denying that the hike would have been hard work. Plus, once they got to the peak, they reconstructed a traditional Travelodge hotel room, for weary hikers (like themselves) to relax in before they embarked on their descent.

Why would anyone put themselves through that? It’s certainly no easy feat, but it’s totally worth the £40,000 that the project raised for Macmillan, don’t you think? If anyone has had to fight cancer, or has seen a loved one fight it, they will know how important Macmillan’s work is, ensuring unending support for patients and family throughout the battle.

Travelodge are well known for their fundraising escapades, having risen over £250,000 during the past two years. Climbing Ben Nevis with a hotel room strapped to their backs is definitely one of their more adventurous missions but anyone on that mountain that day will have seen that they succeeded.

What better way to appreciate the breathtaking panoramas that await you at the top of the highest mountain in Scotland than doing so at the same time as relaxing on a comfortable, made bed – complete with pillows and duvet?

While it’s not a permanent fixture, it will definitely be something to remember for years to come and hopefully, will be a benchmark for future fundraising opportunities that Travelodge may set themselves up for. Who knows what their next stunt will be!