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Use Fashion Rentals For Your Wedding

Everyone knows that weddings are expensive. It is not only expensive for the couple getting married, but also for the bridal party and guests of the wedding. Today, people are less likely to spend as lavishly on their weddings as they once might have. The average cost of a wedding is $28,000, according to the Association of Bridal Consultants. For the average bride, groom, and their families, this price is extravagant for a one-time affair. People are looking for ways they can save money on nuptials, including the guests. Use rentals, instead of buying outfits and accessories, to make the big day more cost-effective and affordable.

For the Bride

As a modern bride, you are less attached to wedding traditions, but you still want your day to be memorable. Not only is this because of the changing views around marriage, but also because soon-to-be-married couples are realizing that the costs of weddings become excessive quickly. A wedding dress is a symbol of your special day, but the reality is that you will never wear it again. Brides are changing the way they look at the costly wedding dress issue. The average cost of a wedding dress is close to $1,100. Brides looking at designer dresses face a much more expensive reality. The good news is that brides are able to rent designer dresses for a fraction of their original cost. Dress rentals makes your dress budget stretch out further, so you can get a higher-end dress within your financial limitations. Although the dress is not something you get to keep, it will enable you the opportunity for you to wear a designer dress on your special day. If you want to have a keepsake from your wedding, opt to buy a veil or headpiece instead of holding on to an expensive dress.

For the Wedding Party

Although being part of a wedding or a bridal party can be exciting, it can also be very expensive. Just like the bride, there is more than one outfit or dress that you need to have for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and the wedding itself. Sometimes re-wearing outfits from other occasions is frowned upon, especially if you have been photographed and seen in the same dress once already. Instead of buying one or more new dresses, you should use a designer dress rental. A rental will give you the opportunity to have several brand new outfits for every party and occasion, at a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy new ones. Since the dresses worn as a bridesmaid or part of a wedding party are unlikely to be worn again in the future, rentals make getting an in-style dress much easier and more sensible.

Men wouldn’t think twice about renting a suit or tuxedo for their wedding or any special occasion. Women should do the same. Renting high-end dresses makes sense for brides and their bridal parties. It is a viable option that provides you with a whole range of possibilities, at a portion of the price it would cost to buy the outfits for yourself.