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What’s in Your Travel Bag? Tips for Smart (and Fashionable) Travel




I know when I travel I have a few items that are a must have. This summer we plan on doing some traveling so I have some great products listed below that would all be great for travel. One of the things I fear most while traveling is all the germs. Especially while I touch my phone a lot. One thing I like to keep on hand is sanitizing wipes but those can be bulky and what happens when I run out?

I was thrilled when I received GoSwype – the microfiber cloths clean almost all the harmful viruses and germs that live on the surface of your smartphone. Not only do they really work but I love how cute they are. I added one to my handbag!

Tips for a great travel bag:

  • Keep an extra layer for the planes that don’t excel in temperature control. Jacket by Element Eden and Shell by Element Emerald
  • Drown out any baby’s cry or neighbor’s snoring with Skullcandy’s Aviator Edit. Customizable colors.
  • Hide a bad hair day while sharing some sage advice to the grumpy TSA workers. Element Eden
  • No matter what your taste is, NEFF will help you get to your gate on time. NEFF Headwear
  • GoSwype microfiber cloths clean almost all the harmful viruses and germs that live on the surface of your smartphone. Swipe before, during and after your flight!
  • Be party ready the moment you get to your destination – smaller than a coffee mug, Beacon Phoenix speakers let you pack light while offering a big sound.
  • The perfect size and classic style makes Hotel 1171’s Duffel the best carry-on. Hotel 1171


  1. Mary Withrow on June 21, 2013 at 12:27 am

    I always carry some type of wipes, but never heard of Go Swypes? I will have to look for them. My sister is the Ultimate traveler. She goes to goodwill, picks up outfits for everyday of the trip, she wears them and leaves them. She brings those in her carryon with needed items such as makeup and deo, chargers and etc. She also always brings two more suitcases which have disposable items, wipes, snacks, etc. So in the end she has 2 1/2 empty suitcases in which she brings back the items she buys, lol – You would have to see her in action! haha

  2. Tammy S on April 21, 2013 at 8:03 am

    I need the Go Swype’s. I am always trying to wipe off my cell phone on something. Usually my shirt. It amazes me how dirty it gets. If I can see the dirt, just imagine the germs I can’t see. Thanks for the review!