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Blogger Trade Secrets – How To Reply To Emails Professionally

At Portland State University I took a business communication class. In that class we learned basic things like proper memo format, proper email format and how to itemize a simple internal business communication document, while the class itself was rather stiff I actually learned a lot. I’ve taken the skills learned and applied it to my communication style when it comes to blogging.

In private groups I’ve been bloggers behave in the most incredibly rude manner and I really hope the same way they speak to their peers is not the same way they speak to the people they are hoping to work with. If so here are my tips for communicating in a way that is professional and shows brands that you mean serious business!

You’ll want your title of your email to share why you are emailing but what that title says will determine if the receiver will open it or not. Don’t make it too long either.


When you get a reply back – don’t be rude. Remember that blogging is not always about free stuff. It’s about showing passion and sharing that passion. Be sure to share why you would be a great fit for that brand and offer plenty of examples to your best work. You’ll always want to be sure your ABOUT PAGE is up to date and well organized.

Once you have established that communication be sure to always use proper memo format.

Memos always will begin with a 2-3 line introductory paragraph, which will summarize the purpose of the memo. You will state what you want the outcome to be and end with a brief concluding paragraph, which may be a summary of findings, suggest a course of action, or make other recommendations. 


How could you improve your email communication with brands?