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Yopa! Yogurt: Balance Perfected #YopaYogurt

yopa yogurt


One thing my family loves is yogurt. In fact as part of our healthy lifestyle yogurt is one of those foods that is a great addition to our diet. Fro an early morning breakfast to get our day started right to a late night snack when you really need it. We were so excited when we saw Yopa! Yogurt hit our store shelves.

From the makers of YoCrunch yogurt comes new Yopa! authentic Greek yogurt. What’s different about Yopa! is the farm fresh quality of their yogurt. You know it’s going to be fresh and taste great every time! Plus the easy to take on the go packaging makes it perfect for snacking or along side a balanced meal.

Since Yopa! created their signature strained Greek recipe, they searched for just the right toppings to go with the real vanilla or fruit used for each flavor. By pairing nine whole grain granola, toasted Blue Diamond almonds or even dark chocolate, they created the ideal balance of yogurt, flavors and toppings. Or as they like to call it – “Balance Perfected.”

Which means that I can get the taste I crave without all the worry!


Did you know? Greek yogurt, and particularly Yopa!, is a great source of protein. The 3.5 oz cups contain at least 16% of the recommended daily allowance of protein, which means that you’re getting a healthy and tasty snack.

  • Good source of calcium
  • 0g of cholesterol and trans fat
  • Made with 5 cultures and 3 probiotics
  • No preservatives or artificial colors (and only one product has artificial flavor – vanillin)

You can find Yopa! at a grocery store near you!

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Speaking of balance, gold medalist Gabby Douglas is an expert, and she’s challenging you to take the Yopa! Taste Challenge where you can win a variety of prizes, including $10,000! Just “like” Yopa! on Facebook for a chance to win and to grab a coupon for $.50 (or more!) off one cup of Yopa! Authentic Greek Yogurt.

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.


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  1. Tammy S on April 24, 2013 at 10:31 am

    My family isn’t crazy about Greek yogurt most of the time. I bought the Yopa with the dark chocolate pieces thinking maybe they wouldn’t notice it was a Greek yogurt because of the chocolate. They loved it! They still could tell it was Greek yogurt but it doesn’t taste like sour crean like some do. I like it because it’s good for them.