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Our 2013 New Year’s Universal Studios Hollywood Visit

On our Dodge Journey to California, we made our next stop at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, CA. Universal studios is where a lot of our favorite shows and movies are actually made. Being a movie fan, this is a must visit. Aso during the Holiday season, visit is a great time because during the winter holidays, you can catch the winter Christmas holiday decorations and see some of the attractions differently. While it is California, some of that winter weather theme is brought to studio city so it was like experiencing a new park again!

Seeing Universal Studios In Hollywood during the Christmas Holiday Season was awesome. With all the snow, decorations  and lights, it was so much fun for the kids and made for some great photos. But of course we got to see some of our favorite people! But like with TV, there is so much to see and we had fun just taking it all in.

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We were setup with the Universal Studios Hollywood Front of Line Pass, which lets the rider get to the front of the line, without any waiting times. There is a special entrance for each ride and was great with the kids. You are only allowed on front of the line for each ride but the pass is good for every ride, attraction, and show (along with reserved seating). Not every kid wanted or could ride, so it was nice be able to enjoy it all as kids and meltdowns allowed. The Front of Line Pass also includes 1 day admission and can be purchased from their website.

So we made our way around the park, doing the rides and having fun checking out all the Christmas and holiday decorations. We enjoyed the snow topped roofs, and it was neat to see Old London andParis during winter. It is always fun to visit theme and amusement parks ever few years if possible. They are always adding new rides and updating their settings, which makes for a whole new experience.

The latest ride to come to Universal Studios Hollywood is the new Transformers The Ride-3D. This ride is amazing, becuase it brings the effects of the physical ride, and also does something new by bringing giant real life 3D machines into it. It is hard to explain, but imagine you are driving around in a huge city and there are 30 foot transformers running around fights and destroying the city, was pretty real! The 3D effects are provided by uing huge HD screens that are massive and so clear you feel that the open world is around you, the magic of Hollywood!

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Universal Studios Hollywood Hanging Shark Photo

Kaila had fun and went through it twice with both of us and Brooklin and I got to meek Optimus Prime. We then checked out the other rides and let Brooklin check out  like the Mummy and Jurassic park and we let Brooklin have some fun at the Dinoplay for Kids. This is a great area for us Adults, with older kids. We could let Brooklin have some fun while Kaila got tp mcheck out the big kid rides like Jurassic Park and the Mummy. With the Front of Line Pass, it was easy without having to make Brooklin and the baby wait for too long and luckily we found Dora and got a picture, making Brooklin’s day!

We decided to rest a little by doing the studio tour. With Kaila getting older, she recognized a couple of movie scenes. She had just watch a couple of Back to the Future movies and got to see the town and Kaila recognized it. She was fascinated by the real life buildings and I could just see her mind working its magic! It was great!

Universal Studios Hollywood Self Portrait

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We had so much fun but one thing we really like about Universal Studios is all the great places to eat. We all filled our taste buds and I finally got to try Doc Brown’s Chicken and it was delicicous!  We checked out a couple of shows like Shrek 4D and Water World. And for the rest of the night we walked around just checking it all out, all the lights before calling it a fun filled day!

Check out Universal Studio’s site for all their deals for 2013 and what else they have going on! If you havent been, now be a time to plan it into family fun!