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All Mixed Up – OrganicGirl Organic Greens

oragnicgirl salads

There are many things in this world that I enjoy and I have to say that good food has to be one of my most-favorite things. Heart greens and vegetables can make your body feel so great and we always have a steady flow of greens in our fridge. I was thrilled last week when organicgirl sent us a numbers of their green varieties.

My favorite by far has to be the I {heart} baby kale. These tiny bites of superfoods taste so great with a simple salad. Now I’m going to share the way I like to eat my organicgirl baby kale and you have to try it before you decide. I have an obsession with simple salads, and not using any dressing. I like coming up with unconventional ways to mix some of my favorite foods so call me crazy when I think 2% cottage cheese on baby kale is delicious.


With all the running I’ve been doing I’m trying to make sure I get protein. It will also help me keep full longer so I chopped two hard boiled eggs on my salad and added some mini organic tomatoes  On top of the egg I add 1/2 cup organic cottage cheese and by far it’s my favorite salad with all of my favorite things. Call me a little mixed up but there are so many ways to eat your greens and enjoy them!

What I love bout organicgirl is they make eating your greens simple. No chopping or figuring out what works well together. It’s simple and I know the product is always going to be fresh and organic and good for myself and my family. Need more recipe ideas? Follow organicgirl on Pinterest.

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  1. Narathip Wall. on May 16, 2013 at 10:47 am

    So easy, looks good and super healthy! Thanks. 😀