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We Love YoBaby Organic Yogurt From Stonyfield

YoBaby Organic Yogurt - Stonyfield


One of the products you’ll always find in our fridge is YoBaby Organic Yogurt – from Stonyfield. In fact you’ll find quite a few Stonyfield products in our fridge because our older kiddos also love the YoKids Squeezers tubes. As a mom I can feel good about their organic yogurt and natural ingredients.

YoBaby organic yogurt is something our baby loves. It’s smooth and creamy and tastes great. Sometimes we play the “bite for you, bite for mommy” game too!

What I love about the Stonyfield brand is their commitment to bettering our world while creating delicious products. Their deep commitment to educating the rest of the world about the importance of organic foods also inspires me. I know that when I see their brand I can trust it and I am thankful for that too.

What’s one thing that your baby loves?