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The Omron Fitness Challenge Week 6 Update & Twitter Party Tomorrow #iheartomron #mamavation

runningI’ve been struggling with the fact that this challenge is just about over. Holding myself accountable every week to meet my health and fitness goals has really allowed me to start 2013 healthy and happy. I will say before this started I ate when I was sad, I ate when I was mad, I ate when I was bored, and I indulged in whatever I wanted. It really took this time to rededicate myself to my health and fitness and to realize I don’t want to use food as a way to cope.

My favorite new product has got to be my heart rate monitor from Omron. From running to workouts at the gym it’s helping me stay on track and even push and challenge myself further. 190343_10200630317743305_847139207_n

I learned a lot about heart rate and where I want my weight to be. I think I actually finally learned the fundamentals which will help me meet my goals on into the future. I started running again and find joy in being active. I stuck with the challenge through the end and proved to myself that I can do it. That this is possible if I work hard! The harder I work the better I feel too and leaving all the desserts and pasta/breads behind have left me not feeling so guilty all the time.  I am happier and healthier and I can’t wait to spill it all during the twitter party tomorrow!

Final weight in: -16.5 Lbs – 7.71%

Ran: 12 miles this week

Beginning Measurements Jan 10. 2013

  • Bust: 43
  • Waist: 38
  • Hips: 47
  • Left Arm: 11.75
  • Right Arm: 12.25
  • Left Thigh: 27.75
  • Right Thigh: 28
  • Size Jeans: 14


Ending Measurements: Feb 10. 2013

  • Bust: 42
  • Waist: 34.5
  • Hips: 43.5
  • Left Arm: 11
  • Right Arm: 11.75
  • Left Thigh: 25.5
  • Right Thigh: 25
  • Size Jeans: 12

Ending Measurements: Feb 19. 2013

  • Bust: 41.5
  • Waist: 34.5
  • Hips: 43
  • Left Arm: 11
  • Right Arm: 11.75
  • Left Thigh: 25
  • Right Thigh: 25
  • Size Jeans: 12 (starting to feel loose)


Twitter Party
Want to kick start your fitness goals? Jon myself and the other Omron Ambassadors for a Twitter party!!!

Who: Omron Fitness & Mamavation
When: Wednesday, February 20th
Time: 8-10pm EST (5-7pm PST)
Hashtag: #iheartOmron
Theme: Workout SMARTER instead of longer

Giveaways during the party
HR-500U Heart rate monitor retails for $149.99 (2 winners)
HJ-323U Connected pedometer retails at $49.99 (2 winners)
510W scale retails for $79.99 (2 winners)

To RSVP for the party and more information visit Mamavation


Also: March 9th is our Virtual 5K! Have you signed up yet? 



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions.


  1. Tiff @ Babes and Kids on February 22, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Loving that you are losing weight! Good job girl, you should be proud!

  2. betty on February 20, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Just wondering, how are the winners chosen? The implication is sharing preparty gets you entries … but I’m not seeing if those are entries for the party gifts, preparty gifts or …
    sorry, its early and maybe when I get my coffee it will all make sense. Meanwhile, I’m just seeing confusion. Do you know how this works? thanks

  3. Amanda A on February 19, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    what pants are you wearing?

    • Kristin on February 19, 2013 at 12:48 pm

      I’m just wearing black running leggings. They’re tight and light plus comfortable. I need new running gear!!!!!