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Our Valentine’s Day 2013

valentine's day 2013


This year was Mia’s very first Valentine’s Day. Brooklin’s first Valentine’s Day at school and well Kaila just enjoyed the day. Brooklin is just learning to write her name and still unfocused enough to write all the names herself. I imagine next year she’ll do it all on her own. Kaila enjoyed passing out plenty of goodies to the other kids in her class.

Brooklin wore a pink dress and insisted on wearing a flower in her hair. Everyone ohh’ed and ahh’ed at how cute she looked and she loved it.

brooklin valentine's day 2013


Mia had a nice quiet day at home. We played and I read her a Valentine book.

mia valentine's day 2013

She enjoyed a nice lunch and then Brooklin came home to help with dessert making. We made cream filled tartlets and strawberries.

blueberry tartlets


The kiddos were out early from all the sugar during the day so I enjoyed some quiet time and a late night movie with hubby.

valentine's day 2013