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Our Trip To Darigold Headquarters Seattle, WA

kristin lesney darigold bloggerBeing that we live in the pacific we know Darigold, the company providing farm fresh dairy products to consumers all over the pacific northwest. I was thrilled when we found out we would be heading to darigold test kitchens to learn from french pastry chef Pierre who has been cooking up the best desserts using Darigold products for years.

delfino darigold blogger trip

My husband and I managed to also have a little fun while we were there.

darigold test kitchens


While at Darigold we took a  Dairy 101 class where I learned so much about milk and the types of products you want to use for baking. I found how Darigold products are produced and how well they hold up to some of the most delicate recipes. I know I only want to feed my family the best and I left with a deeper appreciation for local farmers and the dairy products I use in my kitchen.

darigold blogger event

Download mouth watering dessert recipes in the Darigold Fresh Magazine.  These recipe books are just stunning and they have everything you’ll need to create simple and elegant recipes right in your kitchen.

I’ll be sharing some simple, elegant and unique recipes that you can make right at home for Valentine’s Day all this week! 

Darigold was kind enough to pay all expenses on this trip. 

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