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Our Journey To San Diego’s Sea World

Seastar christmas lights shellsDuring out trip to Southern California we were able to manage in a day to make a day visit our or family vacation to Sea World San Diego. What was so neat about checking it out during the month of December is the fact that it is Christmas time and the holiday seasons and everywhere is festive with decorations and light, lights, LIGHTS!!!

It is always fun to go out around town or the country during December and find different light shows and exhibits to see as a family.  And when these large amusement parks pull the lights and decorations out, it makes the experience just that much more exciting for everyone in our family, including Mom and Dad. All of our daughters love lights, and at home we decorate the in and outside of our home, but it doesnt compare to Sea World! Seaworld San Diego Snow World Christmas village San Diego Southern California Sea World

Not just does Sea World setup the park and different attractions with lights and decor, but they build a Snow Land area along with a Christmas Village where real-life reindeer hangout alongw with a Santa Shop and more! It was neat and the kids were excited, however we had missed Santa, but seeing everything else and the reindeer was good enough for them. They new he had returned back to the North Pole.

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One of the neatest features that sets Sea World apart from all the other major attractions of Southern California is the sea life. Kaila and Brooklin love animals and being from the Pacific Northwest, they have an extra love for ocean animals. It is fun to see ocean life up close and even have the chance to interact. Of course we had to visit the dolphins and see a Shamu show, along with doing some petting or the rays.

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Sea World is known for the killer whale Shamu shows that are awesome all year around, but get that extra holiday touch with a live choir and lighting! We all had fun and kept warm while enjoying the show! With the great lighting and the live music it was very festive and we all had fun and got to see a new Shamu Show that is limited to this time of year. We saw some awesome clips and all kinds of cools moves.

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We of course checked out the rides. Kaila was brave enough and finally tall enough for real rides, so she took me up on my offer of doing the new Manta Roller Coaster with me. This is a fast roller coaster that runs a good length through the park. She had a blast and we also found some small kid rides for the 3 year old.

Even though it was winter time, being San Diego meant that it was not cold. We spent the whole day there and kept busy just checking it all out!

Giant Christmas Tree Sea World San Diego

We were provide with a set of complimentary media admissions.