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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 – How We Met #MeetYours

windows 8 phone For over a month now I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring my Windows 8 Phone from it’s easy to use social media tiles to it’s sleek design it’s been an easy transition for me onto Windows 8. I’m really enjoying my music and easy to use playlists for running and the battery life lasts all day. The camera is great for taking pictures on the go and overall I’ve really taken a liking to my new phone. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the How We Me app. This app allows you to see how you’ve met friends and loved ones on Facebook. I wanted to share how I met my best friend Sandra. I’ve known her ever since we were little kids, in fact we met through our friend Johanna. Which is funny that the app actually shows our most mutual friend, and it is indeed Johanna. Who we are all still friends to this day. Using Facebook the app shows recent photos and memories from our past interactions. how we met windows 8 2  I love how it shows me photos and it’s fun to go back and see. My 3 and a half year old loves to look at pictures of her and Sandra. I like how we saw highlights of photos. how we met windows 8 3 As you can tell from this photo my phone has a lot of interactions with Sandra. You can go on to explore other parts and see photos and highlights. It’s funny when I see posts and things we said two and three years ago. It’s just anotheer way how my Windows 8 phone is totally me. I really like how the live tiles highlight everything I need to know so I don’t even have to open an app to see what I’ve missed.  

As you can see, the How We Met  app helps you relive memories and captures them in a beautifully designed keepsake that you can value forever. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching try the How We Met app and rekindle those lost connections. 

For a chance to win a Windows Phone 8, please click here to take a quick survey!

For a chance to win a Windows Phone 8, please click here to take a quick survey!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The opinions and text are all mine.