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Love & A Healthy Marriage

My husband and I met in the spring I had just turned 19 and he was a level headed 24 year old. His long beautiful dark hair had me immediately drawn to him. At the time I had to have him. I had to know more about him. We spent a summer loving each other. I look back at those moments as some of the best ties of my life. We did what we wanted to. We spent every moment together. He was my best friend and I could tell him anything. Shortly after our love affair began we found ourselves loving a child. Our child.

Loving me hasn’t been an easy task for him. As a child I experienced a lot of loss in my life and it left me so angry inside. I think when you love someone enough to let them learn what love truly is you learn what unconditional love is. I spent our first years being angry, blaming others for my problems, making all the wrong choices and somehow through it all my husband always been the light in my life. He loves me even when I don’t feel like I could love myself.

I know he thinks I am the center of the family but in our world, he is. What I’ve learned about love in the past year is that love never betrays you. Love is always there to hug you and kiss you and touch you. Love is going beyond yourself to make someone else happy. You have to have a great amount of love to be that selfless and I don’t know how I lucked out with such love in my life but I have. It took me a long time to feel what love what really is but now that I have it I hold it close. My relationship with my husband has never been stronger.

My husband and I often joke about what it will be like once we get older. In my life as long as we grow old together we will be just fine. It may not always be easy and we may have to work for it but it is worth it. It is worth every kiss and every hug, every time he touches me I remember why we started on this journey together. I need to remember that every day and  I need to give him more of myself. More compassion, more openness, more affection, more love.

If you do nothing more in your marriage but try to show love and compassion in every situation you can do no wrong. I think that if you love someone enough to every day give more of yourself than the day prior you will have a healthy marriage.

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  1. Gabrielle -CA Monkey Momma on February 13, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    You guys are such a cute couple 🙂