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Lil’ Shuga! – The Organic Sweet Treat That Fits in with a Healthy New Year and Beyond‏

"Lil' Shuga!" is the Sweet Treat that Fits in with a Healthy New Year and Beyond‏


The winter holiday season is notoriously packed full of sweet goodies, sugary cocktails and innumerable opportunities for indulgence from November right through to January. What about the rest of the year? According to a report by MSNBC average Americans consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, more than twice the recommended amount[1]. That average intake adds up to 300-400 extra calories per day, as much as a whole meal, but without any nutrient value. If cutting back on sugar and limiting calories is on the “fresh start” list for 2013 then take a hold of Caribbean Liquid Sugar’s pure, organic “Lil’ Shuga!” (www.HeyShuga.com) and leave calories and guilt behind in yesteryear. “Lil’ Shuga!” is a syrup blend of cane sugar and Stevia with a honey-like consistency. Slightly sweeter than sugar and only five calories per serving, Stevia lightens and sweetens any culinary creation with just a “Lil’ Shuga!”

We received the prdouct to try out and I convinced my hubby to use it in his coffee and cut back on all of that raw organic cane sugar he was using. He likes it and I can see myself baking with it too!

lil shuga

Lil’ Shuga! is a delicious sweet syrup blend made of natural Stevia leaf extract and the purest and best cane sugar available. Native to Paraguay, Stevia is a small green plant with delicious tasting leaves that taste 30 times sweeter than sugar, and are packed with health benefits.[2] Because the human body doesn’t metabolize the natural occurring sugars in the leaves, the body obtains no calories or sugar alcohol from Stevia. That means using less while still satisfying the craving for sweets in the New Year and beyond. Even sweeter news is that Stevia is touted as a lower calorie sweetener that can restore your taste buds from previous artificial sweetener use.[3] The result is a natural sugar blend with fewer calories and more than a spoonful of sweetness!


“Lil’ Shuga!” pours more easily than honey and is liquid gold that blends right into New Year’s coffee or tea, hot or cold cereal,  baked goods or drizzled over summer’s fresh fruit. Versatile and delicious, just 1/3 teaspoon of “Lil’ Shuga!” equals 1 teaspoon of sugar but yields only 5 calories per serving. Soon to be available in natural Vanilla, Hazelnut, Maple and Irish Cream flavors.

This New Year and beyond, indulge the sweet tooth with “Lil’ Shuga!” and enjoy more than a spoonful of sweetness.