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I’ll Miss Her When She’s Not 3 Anymore

I haven’t done a Brooklin update in a while. A lot has happened though she started school and loves it. She writes her name and is starting to sound out words. She loves being at school at her teachers are simply amazing I couldn’t ask for a better place for her to be. She’s growing up a lot.

It’s hard to believe that this was just her.


And now this is her!


brooklin 3 years old

And now here she is. She talks like – nonstop. Her newest thing is “My mommy says” or “My daddy says” and then she’ll give you her little facts about life. She loves Barbies and dress up. She thinks she’s a princess still and loves makeup and doing her hair. For being so rough she’s such a girly girl.

Besides the obvious terrible things that 3 year olds do I’ll miss her when she’s not three. She says the cutest most unexpected things. She won’t do that when she grows up.

brooklin 3 years old

I snapped a picture yesterday because I wanted to remember the moment. We had just got home from gymnastics, she had refused to put her shoes on. She did the typical 3 year old thing and tried to push me and I disciplined her. After her time out I went to talk to her and we both left the conversation with what I felt like was an understanding  More as in her understanding but still. All of a sudden she seemed so grown up until I sat down with her on the floor to put together her Barbie set.

brooklin 3 years old

I watched her little hands try and manipulate the small pieces and realized how small her hands still are. I watched her breath come in and out of her big lips just like I had done time and time again. Flashbacks of the baby I just held in my arms came back and I realized how small she still is. She’s quickly becoming a little girl but she’ll always be my little Moo.

She is such a unique kid and I am so proud that I get to be her mommy. I need to remember that these moments are the ones I will always remember. It’s so easy to get too busy to see all of the changing happening. I’ll miss Brooklin at the age of three but my heart will always smile when I think about the little person that she is.