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Happy Valentine’s Day – 2013

valentine's day 2013 brooklin mia kaila


Del an I went shopping for treats for the girls. Like every year he reminded me how much excess I give our children and just how much they can do without but loving me so much he went along with it. We picked up some of their current favorite things. For Kaila lots of dog inspired goodies and a Monster High Doll which she really cant get enough of. Del and I wrote a message in each of their cards which we picked out just for them. When I put everything out he looked at me and said something along the lines of “They will really enjoy it. I know why you do it.” and they will.

Brooklin got a new puzzle, some Mickey goodies and a mini Cinderella doll and a Tangled playset. I also gave her princess chocolates and a few other treats. For Mia I got her some of her favorite things including cookies and yogurt drops. We also got her a cute ball that I know she will enjoy chasing after. I can’t believe Mia has her first Valentine’s Day already!

kaila valentine's day 2013

The girls had fun putting together all of their Valentine’s this year. Brooklin is finally learning to write her name.

brooklin valentine's day 2013


I have plenty of cute treats for the girls classrooms. I cut out heart cheese and have pink and purple cupcakes for Brooklin’s class and Kai’s class has pink cookies!

valentine's day 2013

I have a full day planned of sweet treats for the girls. From heart pancakes to a heart inspired lunch box and even a pink inspired dinner before hubby and I head out for the night. Oh yes, we’re using this as an excuse to get away for the night. We found these nights are what keep us happy. We need time with just us and no kids. Who knows what we’ll end up doing but I know we’ll enjoy our night.

Goodnight all – Happy Valentine’s Day.

I totally found this awesomeness on my desk tonight! 

valentine's day 2013