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Easter Basket Gift Ideas: Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers‏ Vehicles

Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers‏



My girls love playing with things like cars and remote control toys especially on our hardwood floors. They were thrilled when we were sent the new Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers. These super fast cars zipped around on our hardwood floors.

Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers Vehicles: These vehicles charge up and charge on. Stunt Chargers are incredibly fast, chargeable cars that that have insane rebounding action. Watch them rebound against walls, ricochet in corners or bounce off each other. As they recover, they can do a stunt and keep on going. Kids will get a super charge from these super-charged vehicles. Includes 1 vehicle and 1 charge base. Each Hot Wheels Stunt Chargers

When the vehicle needs power, kids can simply — and quickly — charge it up and charge on, so the playtime and possibilities are endless! To expand the fun, collect the Stunt Chargers green vehicle and Stunt Chargers motorcycles in green and orange (each sold separately). More vehicles mean kids can stage even more outrageous stunts and crashes!

Sold for $14.99

They’d be a great gift in any Easter basket gift!