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Crazy Hair Day

This past week was crazy hair day at school for Kai. Last year for her birthday her Aunt Shannon gave her a hair crimper and she was excited about using it. See Kai likes her hair one way. Straight down. Unless it’s for gymnastics, then it has to be up but as soon as class is over it’s back down and nicely brushed.

It’s so strange to see her getting older. She’s the sweet kid and often writes me notes and cards. She can read so well and she loves math. She’s so smart and caring and overall such a great kid. She likes Lego’s and building things too but her newest thing is Monster High dolls. She’s such a creative kid and she just likes how different they are. Much more fun to play with then Brooklin’s Barbies she says.

She came home from school on crazy hair day and as we walked home  she told me about her day. She starts with “Everyone was talking about my hair.” I said “Oh yeah? How was crazy hair day?”. She then goes on to tell me about how she was stopped all day long and how all her friends kept asking her how she did it. It was simple and different but totally Kai, she’s looking for every excuse to use that hair crimper now.

Yesterday was my birthday and she made me the sweetest card and picked out a cake. She then typed and edited a document and wrote all the things she loves me for. It was so sweet and kind and just the way she is. All day she helped keep the baby entertained and even tried her best to get along with Brooklin.

How is this even my child? I so lucked out!

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  1. Auntie Mea on February 24, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    That’s my Kaila! She’s such a sweetheart and wonderful big sister!