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Be Well, Drink More Plants‏ – Traditional Medicinals Teas


organic tea

I recently was sent a number of teas form one of my favorite tea brands, Traditional Medicinals. The brand has a real commitment to the use of sustainably harvested medicinal plants (including the use of ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE or FAIRWILD certification where appropriate), renewable energy to run our herbal tea packaging plant, using recycled paper in our packaging or maintaining equitable trade relationships with the local, rural and indigenous communities who collect the herbs.

Tea is good for you and great for your overall wellness. Whether I need some help getting to sleep, have a cold or am a new mom Traditional Medicinals has all the teas I need for wellness. I have been able to find the brand at my local grocer as well.

traditonal medicinals teas


  • Organic Cran-Aid
  •  Organic Raspberry Leaf
  • Female Toner
  •  Mother’s Milk
  •  Weightless
  • Organic Weightless Cranberry