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The Official LEGO® YouTube Channel #LEGO

Our Girls Love LEGO bricks just like their dad!

My oldest daughter is taking after her father when it comes to a love for LEGO building bricks. He had saved a huge bin of LEGO blocks from his childhood and passed it onto Kaila and she thought they were neat. As she has gotten older, she has asked for larger sets of her own. When we say that the LEGO®Friends had come out we showed them to her and she thought they were so neat because of the little girl figures and accessories. And with the extra pieces from her dad, Kaila can always build some LEGO®fun.

At home Kaila has collected and built an entire LEGO®Friends collection and while we were in California visiting LEGOLAND we found her a few new LEGO®Friends sets to collect and build. As Brooklin is getting older she is not becoming more and more interested in the building blocks and lucky for her she will have 2 generations of LEGO®collections.

Being tech savvy we own all the latest tech gadgets. We have a windows and Android smartphone, and an iPad and iPod. With our recent vacation to California, we had moments where we let our kids use these devices to be entertained. One they checked out that was great for our visit to LEGOLAND was the Official LEGO® Channel which we easily pulled up on any of our smart devices. We are always trying to keep and eye out for YouTube videos that we feel are safe and will lead to other safe videos. It is sometimes touch and go, but knowing that LEGO® has made the effort to build a quality channel makes it easy to find something for them to watch.

The new LEGO® YouTube channel has over 500 videos from a name you trust with more videos being added daily!! Check out my playlist I created for my girls.

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Kaila and I made a simple Official LEGO® YouTube Channel  Playlist and added all of her favorite videos to it along with input from Brooklin of course. I can control what videos my kiddos are able to access and can view ONLY those videos. And after watching some of them with the girls, we all had a good time and I was very comfortable with the content. Kaila and Brooklin found some LEGO® Friends videos and lets just say, even their dad now knows a few LEGO® songs. I can trust the content LEGO® has put on their channel. It is all high quality video and sound. There are not just entertaining videos but also sneak peaks of the latest products. That’s the best part, that as a parent I can trust the content that my child is viewing making my life a little easier when I need some entertainment on the go and even in our home!

What is fun about the LEGO® videos is the high quality graphics. It really looks like they took like LEGO® figures and built towns and made videos from still shots. Its fun to see the creativity that comes from their films and I think the kids like to get ideas and it rally makes them wonder “could I build that myself?”

Check out The Official LEGO® YouTube Channel for your kiddos today.

Thank you to LEGO® and Technorati for being sponsors. All opinions expressed here are my own.