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Sparkling Clean in 2013 With Cascade #CascadeComplete

As a busy work at home mom I need things around my house to be easy for me. Dishes are one of those things we all dislike doing but it’s inevitable that we have to. I like the products I use to work for me and that’s why I chose to use products like Cascade Complete Pacs.

Cascade Complete Pacs provide a deep clean without wasting precious time and water pre-rinsing 24-hour stuck-on food messes.  Over time, Cascade Complete Pacs fight hard water film two-times better, wash after wash, than the next leading premium pac. Which means that this is one of those products that works for me and lets me get on to all of the other things I have to do during my day.

We just arrived home form a vacation that lasted 2 weeks and needless to say our dishes were pretty clean but we had a number of things like sticky coffee cups and kids cups to wash. I also had all of those Christmas dishes to clean by dishwasher before I pack them away. I have to say they left all of my dishes so spotless and shiny.

When making more sticky meals like the lasagna we just had usually I’d have to soak and scrub to get all the stuck on cheese off my dishes. With Cascade Complete Pacs you combine the best of powder and gel in one pac. That means bye bye stuck on food! The Cascade Complete Gel and Powder eliminate the need to pre-wash since each formula can power away that stuck on food.

I also love that Cascade Complete pacs have Dawn soap used in them. I know that Dawn is the best and it’s all I use in my kitchen and I like that I know the Dawn with cascade Complete Pacs will power through any of my messes, even if I leave them for 24 hours.

In 2013 I have got to simplify my life and that’s why I’m trusting all of my messes to Cascade! Be sure to follow Cascade on Facebook so you can get all the latest news and coupons on the products you love!



More info on Cascade: http://www.cascadeclean.com/ 

 Cascade on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cascade

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  1. shelly peterson on January 10, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    I can’t believe the difference between Cascade Complete and another brand in the glasses. Sounds like a great product! I love that dawn is used in the pacs, it’s the only dish soap I buy.