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Our Expierence With The HP TouchSmart ENVY 20 #PinTheHalls

For the past month  we’ve been testing out some great HP products as a brand ambassador for HP. We’ve all had a great time with the HP ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO computer that we received for our family and my girls sure have quickly picked it up doing away with the mouse and keyboard. To us this computer is GROUND BREAKING with the the obviously coolest feature of the ENVY being its TouchSmart touch screen. We feel truly in the 21st century!

Pulling the ENVY 20 TouchSmart AiO out of the box and setting it up for immediate use was pretty simple. It included a wireless mouse and keyboard and all we had to do was to physically placeit somewhere and plug in the power cable and then turn it on. The mouse and keyboard were ready to go and Microsoft Windows 8 made it easy to setup by following some simple on screen directions. We use a hotmail.com account that we had with our MSN online account years ago and Dad’s Xbox Live account and Windows 8 made it easy and linked them all in together. We also use the windows phone app which makes syncing with out Nokia Windows Phones easy. We have installed some applications from the Market along with all of our games and now have a feel for the new operating system.

On our recent 2 week trip to visit all the major theme parks and sight seeing in California, we packed up our TouchSmart PC and took it with us on our road trip. Since we have full control of our baggage, it was not hard to keep it safe. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR TRAVEL ESPECIALLY BY AIR. Because it only uses the one power cord and the keyboard and mouse is wireless we put it all in the top of our large suitcase and toted it with us. Not like it matters about the keyboard and mouse, since we did misplace it one, the touchscreen allows everything to be done by just touching. There is a keyboard that can be pulled up on the screen to type if needed. It was nice being in a hotel and being able to enjoy my PC and do my work instead of using a laptop. Plus the kids had a blast playing games when we had downtime.

My kiddos love our new HP ENVY TouchSmart Computer. We have setup user accounts for us and for the kids, which had easy parent controls. They’ve customized all of their games and know exactly where their favorite games and apps are. As a parent I really like that I can set how much time they can be online. The parent controls allow me to control how much time my children are online throughout the day and when they can and cannot be online. I’ve had my daughter ask for more time and gave her some ways to earn it.

Check out how easy this computer is to use for our family:






I am a compensated HP brand ambassador, although I am a long time HP fan and, as always, I only choose companies I would recommend personally to work with professionally. All children, photos and recipes are my own.


  1. shelly peterson on January 15, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    this is awesome. would love to have a touch screen computer. It looks easy to use for kids and great that is easy to set up!

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